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Enhancing Digital Readiness & Robust ESG Practices for Sustainable Banking

The Conference focuses on analyzing the efficiency of the Risk function for Banks in a highly volatile macroeconomic landscape. Digital readiness has to be embedded in an effective monitoring lifecycle encompassing new ESG Risk practices by both Banks & Enterprises allowing access to finance boosting Sustainable growth. We will also uncover the increase of complexity of the Compliance process due to emerging Regulations on the current, and ESG-driven risks thus exploring intelligent Regtech adoption. 


Focus areas:

  • Revisiting the Risk Framework under the new challenges
  • ESG-driven risk effective management and its impact on market’s growth
  • Ensuring Digital Readiness along the risk and compliance lifecycle
  • Automated Compliance – The role of Regtech for minimum negative impact
  • Market-driven risks, Operational risks, Non-Performing Loans, Credit Risk, IBOR, Basel III
  • Digital Transformation Risks: cloud and cyber-threats, digital channels’ transaction fraud, Credit risk fraud, Data Protection risks, etc.
  • ESG and new generation financial assets, e.g. Green bonds expanding the potential of ROI by the Enterprises adopting ESG consistent practices.
  • Post covid and war-generated new Risks
  • Platforms, Cutting –edge technologies & AI to resolve risk management problems, e.g. credit card fraud detection, different cyberthreats and the automated Compliance challenge
  • High-Tech’s contribution for ubiquitous, timely Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Management leading to Sustainable Growth



Session I

Revisiting the Risk Framework through the angle of process effectiveness

  • The Risk and Regulatory change in turbulent times 
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance in the 2021-2030 decade  
  • Post covid and war-generated new Risks 
  • Market Risk & Compliance Issues – Financial Crime Protection – Customer Protection 
Session II

Robust ESG Risk Management Practices – a new Business Operational paradigm

  • ESG-driven risk effective management and its impact on market’s growth  
  • The Value of in-depth Change Management towards automated GRC 
  • Tackling Regulatory Requirements  – Regtech ecosystem contribution 
  • New products, and Digital Services on Risks – Loans Underwriting practices 
  • Leveraging Risk & Compliance to Best Monetize Operations in e-Banking business 
Session III

Enhancing Digital Readiness – Automating the Risk & Compliance Function

  • The role of Intelligent Insight Analytics & Risk Reporting – the role of Data Science 
  • The disruptive adoption of Risk Monitoring  
  • Digital Channels, Social Media Interaction Risks 
  • RegTech Solutions, overview and importance  
  • Regtech-Suptech solutions and services using Cutting-edge Techonologies 

Organizing Committee

Meet the


Key Issues

  • The key issues of the conference will be:
The key issues of the conference will be:
  • Overview of Risk & Regulatory framework and the new risks (post-covid, ESG, etc.)  
  • Banks’ major Risk and Regulatory Change Management enhancing Strategic Planning 
  • The Chief Risk Officer’s and Chief Compliance Officer’s Perspective 
  • Market-driven risks, Operational risks, Climate risks, NPLs, Credit Risk, IBOR, Basel III  
  • Market Risk & Compliance Issues – Financial Crime Protection – Customer Protection 
  • Regulatory Performance and Regtechs’ contribution 
  • Dynamic Risk Management, Compliance and Digital Reporting 
  • Supervisory & Surveillance – The emergence of Suptechs  
  • Financial & Regulatory Standards (MiFID, MiFIR, Basel III, Solvency, IFRS, PSD2, LIBOR, etc.) 
  • Cutting-Edge Technologies – Responsible AI, Machine Learning, IoT  
  • Intelligent Data Management, Insight Analytics & Risk Reporting 
  • Supporting Technologies – Cloud Solutions risks and Cyber threats,  
  • Global Standards’ Alignment  – GDPR, KYC, Digital ID, PCI DSS, HIPAA, ISO 27001, etc. 


Who should attend

Strategy Officers, Executive Decision-makers,Chief Risk Officers, Chief Compliance Officers, GRC Officers, Directors & Executives Heads of Risk Management, Heads of Regulatory Compliance,  Regulatory Program owners, Compliance, Legal & Regulatory Reporting Executives, Chief Digital Officers, CIOs, Chief Applications Officers, COOs, Chief Technology Officers, Chief e-Commerce Officers, ICT Directors, Middle Managers on Compliance, and GRC,  Product Design, Chief Digital Marketing. 

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