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Risk Management & Compliance Conference

Enhancing Digital Readiness & Robust ESG Practices for Sustainable Banking

Risk Management & Compliance Conference has successfully been completed on 07 June 2023 at Divani Caravel Hotel, Athens hosting 300+ distinguished attendees.

The Conference put special emphasis on analyzing the efficiency of the Risk function for Banks in a highly volatile macroeconomic landscape, as well as the importance of Digital readiness that will improve the multi-faceted effective lifecycle detection and monitoring of existing Risks as well as new ESG Risk practices by the Banks enabling new growth lanes.

Institutional & International Thought Leaders and Experts, top Advisory firms, and high-tech Solutions Providers shared their enlightening insights on the enhancement of the Risk Function process towards the adoption of new approaches cementing a more robust Risk Framework, ensuring Banks’ Sustainability and Growth.

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Risk Management & Compliance Conference 2023


Risk Management Conference

Discussing the new imperatives in an era of pandemic and climate change

Risk Management & Compliance Conference has successfully been completed as a Physical Event on 08 June at Divani Caravel, Athens, conveying a strong message on the existing and new risks for the Banking Sector and highlighting effective, innovative, and specialized approaches on Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance.

Thought leaders and Experts shared their know-how with the Risk Management & Regulatory Compliance Community of the Banking Industry giving special emphasis to the complex dimensions of risk identification and actionable control in a period of increased uncertainty due to the current geopolitical, pandemic and climate factors uncovering opportunities leading Banks to sustainable growth lanes.

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