Risk Management Conference 2019


Make IT to the TOP

“The State of the CIO in Greece 2019”

Ηλίας Σκορδάς, Research Director, Global Link
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“Digital signature in our everyday life”

Σπύρος Κόλλιας, Senior Solution Architect, Byte Computer S.A.
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“Cyber. YOUR way. ΜSLA.”

Ηλίας Αγγελίδης, Τεχνικός Διευθυντής Πληροφορικής και Επικοινωνιών, Algosystems
Εύη Κράλλη, Διευθύντρια Πωλήσεων Πληροφορικής και Επικοινωνιών, Algosystems
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“Unboxing the Future!”

Παναγιώτης Κουρής, CEO, Office Line
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“The first step towards digitization is change”

Martin Pluschke, Founder & Chairman of the Management Board, CodeCamp: N GmbH
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“The story of Hellas Direct. Launching a next-generation insurance company from scratch”

Αλέξης Πανταζής, Co-Founder & Executive Director, Hellas Direct
Αιμίλιος Μάρκου, Co-Founder & Executive Director, Hellas Direct
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“Digital Challenges for Service Leaders”

Μαρία Πικραμένου, Υποδιευθύντρια Τεχνικής Διεύθυνσης, Space Hellas
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“Accelerated Outcomes on Your Terms”

Γιώργος Καριώτογλου, Presales Engineer, Infinitum
Θανάσης Μπάρλας – HPE Presales Manager, Greece-Cyprus
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“Mastering the Exponential Future”

Matthew Griffin, Founder & CEO, 311 Institute
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“Travelling in the digital age”

Σταύρος Δανιήλ, Head of IT, East Europe & Med, TUI
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“Innovation comes from inside a container”

Omer Porus, Senior Solution Architect , Red Hat
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“Data-Driven Innovation in a Multi-Cloud World”

Παναγιώτης Κοκκώνης, NetApp BDM – Greece, Cyprus & Malta at ALEF Distribution CZ
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“Making the promise of Enterprise 5G Services real”

Ανδρέας Ενωτιάδης, CTO for Vodafone Global and LGI, CISCO EMEAR SP
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