Professor of IT Strategy & IT Management, EAE Business School, Barcelona, Senior Manager Global IT Service Delivery & Operations, Hartmann Group

Massimiliano Ferrazzi

Massimiliano is passionate about IT, new ideas and new ways of thinking. He finds rewarding inspiring people and stimulate their creativity so to help them achieve their objectives.
He sees IT not as an obstacle but as an opportunity to enable business and proactively contribute as a “Technology Innovator”.
He is currently leading the digital transformation within the Hartmann Group through a global and multicultural IT organization in step with the strategy of a multi-division-group.
Massimiliano has an MBA and is lecturing IT Strategy at Business School in Barcelona, has an extensive track record of building, standardizing and aligning IT organizations in international companies to achieve excellence, profitability and success in different industries.

The Speech

“The Return to the Renaissance, the modern Da Vincis and Galileos“

There is no single technology that will deliver “speed” or “innovation” as such.
Digital transformation is not only about tools and technology, is about people. But if people lack the right mindset to change and the current organizational practices are flawed, DT will simply magnify those flaws. The best combination of mindset, people, processes, and tools for a given organization it is key for success.
Every change starts with giving space to new thinking. After one thousand years of Middle Ages and nothing more to invent, here it comes the Renaissance, a period of enlightenment, a new way of looking at society, humans, religion and art.
The pandemic will call for a return of the Renaissance figure: A person with many talents, interest and areas of knowledge and with the fusion of emotional and technical skills.
When the economy does begin to rebound and this entrepreneurial age rushes in, companies will need individuals who are flexible, motivated, and creative to propel the business forward right out of the gate.
Businesses will need people with a fresh perspective and smart ideas to give them the advantage.
This time, instead of an explosion in the arts and sciences, we will see an explosion in innovation, collaboration, and creativity.
Some people will naturally thrive in the coming era. Whether we call them renaissance souls, polymaths, or multi-passionate, these individuals are the modern Da Vincis and Galileos.
Here it comes the Digital Evolution and a new generation of super employees